We support you to organize daily trips or small journeys lasting several days with transport and accommodation at your option.


Dance lessons

Do you want to improve your dancing skills in the middle of the salsa metropolis Havana

or even dare to make your first dancing steps? On request we can offer you well-trained dancing teachers. Let yourself fill with enthusiasm and carry away of the fluent and harmonic movements,the musical talent and the joy to move of the cuban’s dancers.

Per lesson: 15 CUC for one private lesson (1 CUC is about 1 CHF/$)


Percussion classes/ singing classes/ instrumental classes

Everywhere in Cuba where people meet music is involved. If it is at a party, in one of the countless little bars in Havana or on the wall of the malecón, music has a incredibly high value in cuban’s daily life and the formation to become a musician is hard and only the top of the top can achieve. Cuba has developed a countless number of world class musicians so far. Through our relations to several music institutes we can organize you percussion, singing and instrumental classes on request.

Per lesson: 15 CUC for a private lesson



You want to go out in the evening, but the right couple to dance with is missing? We can organize you great dancers who will accompany you with pleasure.

Per night: 15 CUC exclusive entrance and beverages


Language lesson

Would you like to improve your spanish skills and learn to understand cuban expressions? Language lessons can be booked at our houses.

Per lesson: 15 CUC for a private lesson



It doesn’t matter if your trip lasts one-day or several days. For any of the wonderful destinations all over Cuba we can offer you a driver with car, who takes you safely and reliable to the destination of your wishes and back. With pleasure we help you to organize your trips and give you important tips.

Per day: around 160 CUC, depending on distance there may be a small extra charge.


Beauty / Wellness

Would you like to connect your stay with a beauty treatment or to relax while having a massage?

Manicure/ Pedicure, Anti-aging treatment, acupuncture, hair stylist, massage

All of this to convenient prices! We would like to give you advices and organize whatever you please